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Public Justice curated by Quinsy Gario
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Dreaming the Dark: hands that see, eyes that touch curated by Ana Vaz
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Synthetic Selves curated by Goys & Birls
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»It’s like Keeping up with the Cyborgs in full HD.»
Face the future of intimacy with Next Nature Network, Glamcult 13-09-2017

»Hoe is het leven van een jonge vluchteling in Brabant? Hoe gaan Chinese meisjes om met de constante druk om elegant en vrouwelijk te zijn? Wat is de invloed van oorlog op het dagelijks leven in Oekraïne? Sinds 2002 reizen filmmakers in het kader van het The One Minutes-project de aardbol rond om samen met kinderen een antwoord op deze vragen te vinden.»
Floor Bouma, Kijken: kinderlevens wereldwijd, verteld in één minuut, NRC 24-11-2017

»The combined authorship of Mills’s work simultaneously speaks to the collaboration born of multidisciplinary work, and an underlying notion that cinematic work is inherently collaborative—a comforting notion given that social isolation and atomization that has come to pervade the contemporary world.»
Charlene K. Lau, Dreamlands: Immersive Cinema and Art 1905-2016, Brooklyn Rail 06-12-2016

»It felt like a treasury that was discovered, and a window was opened at the same time. There is just too much possibilities included in this only one minute. The variety of the film formats are like a kaleidoscope. Narrative, experimental, technical… it is like we say ‘Dance with a shackle’.»
Chen Rui, The One Minutes on Tour - Nanjing: Remake, catalogue 2016

»Video artist Melanie Bonajo presenteerde een ideale avond t.g.v. haar werk op de Tentoonstelling: Close-Up – A New Generation of Film and Video Artists in the Netherlands. Ze toonde krankzinnige 1 minuutsfilmpjes, maar ook een episode uit Kwaidan van Masaki Kobayashi. (Uit 1964, vergeten, maar niet door mij. Wat een film!).»
Joyce Roodnat 04-05-2016

»Het neusje van de zalm van de online kunst.»
Joost Broeren, ‘Digitale Mixtape’, 21-04-2015

»Something is happening to culture; we really have to name that thing. ‘Ways of Something’, in its way, contributes to that collective project, as a remake that points to a sequel that still needs to be made.«
Ben Davis, ‘The Work of Art in the Age of… Something’,, 17-10-2014

»The exhibition presents not only the journey of this event all over the world over the past fifteen years, but also its growth and development process in China. Moreover, we will have the occasion to appreciate the excellent video works of The One Minutes created by the worldwide young artists. Their works’ experimental aspects, their observation and experience of life and arts show somehow the prospective and unlimited possibilities of video arts.«
Wei Shaonong, The One Minutes on Tour - Shanghai, catalogue 2014.

»Art crossing all boundaries is a ‘bon mot’ that is only rarely true. There are waterproof walls between different cultural entities. Art of international meaning is defined and driven by the West and its welfare. The One Minutes is the only initiative in the Netherlands that does not exclude any region. The One Minutes challenges artists all over the world to participate. The One Minutes is truly democratic. The One Minutes has its own rules of the game creating a framework for absolute and exuberant freedom.«
Tineke Reijnders, Parkett, 2004.


Floor Bouma
Kijken: kinderlevens wereldwijd, verteld in één minuut
NRC, 24-11-2017

Tim Fraanje
​radicaal zijn, dat leer je van deze videotrip
i-D, 14-06-2017

Jannie de Kruijff
The One Minutes. Films van 60 seconden lang/kort
Focus 9, 2015

Ben Davis
The Work of Art in the Age of… Something, 17-10-2014

Lucette Terborg
Five Gems from The One Minutes一分钟影像的5颗明珠
The One Minutes on Tour – Shanghai, catalogue 2014
Watch the films on vimeo

Yang Fan
Just a minute, 6.6.2014

Edo Dijksterhuis
One Minutes-video’s gecombineerd tot remake Berger-docu, 23.4.2014

Sacha Bronwasser
10 Years of One Minutes – pars minuta prima
10 Years of One Minutes, catalogue, 2010

Tineke Reijnders
A Whole Life in One Minute
Parkett 70, 2004

Public Justice

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35 One Minutes curated by Quinsy Gario

The One Minutes Series of February is called Public Justice and is curated by Quinsy Gario. What is justice? What can you say about injustice? How to pursue a just world? The answers to these questions cannot be presented in a vacuum but must be done in public. Gario invited artists and filmmakers to propose works of one shot in public space commenting on justice. He also selected films from the vast The One Minutes Collection.

Dreaming the Dark: hands that see, eyes that touch

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24 One Minutes curated and assembled by Ana Vaz

‘Dreaming the Dark: hands that see, eyes that touch’. is a series curated and assembled by Ana Vaz. She invited artists and filmmakers whose work trust cinema’s capacity to transform relationships between the body and the camera to propose works that will engage with both perception and embodiment. Could cinema be an art of embodiment? By what rituals and actions could vision become tactile?

Synthetic Selves

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14 One Minutes
curated by Goys & Birls

‘Synthetic Selves’ is curated by Amsterdam-based research and design collective Goys & Birls. The series consists of 14 One Minutes redefining the self in a digital era.

Nominees The One Minutes Jr. Awards 2017

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Fifteen One Minutes by youngsters

The One Minutes Jr. brings together youngsters all over the world for video workshops to have their voices heard. The short, mostly autobiographical films offer glimpses into their lives. The stories are honest and unfiltered. Some films expose a social problem, such as growing up in a conflict zone or daily life in an asylum seeker’s center. Others tell the story of a personal dream.

Create Characters

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Fourteen One Minutes
Curated by Egill Sæbjörnsson

‘Create Characters’ is curated by Icelandic artist Egill Sæbjörnsson. Sæbjörnsson invited artists to transform themselves, to become someone else, to become their true selves. His selection of 14 films features new popular character making and communication tools such as Second Life, Face Swap, Snapchat, augmented reality and Virtual Reality.

Intimate Technology

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Sixteen One Minutes
Curated by Next Nature Network

‘Intimate Technology’ is curated by Next Nature Network. The series is a digital mixtape of 16 one-minute films in which intimate interaction with our systems is pivotal; Serbian duo TeYosh examine how the digital body creates a new nature, Swiss Mexican designer Nicole Pérez explores the intimate relationship with robots and German video artist Benedikt Wöppel takes a peek into the future uploading our memory to the ‘cloud’.

The Sandberg Series 2017

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Thirty One Minutes
By Sandberg Students

‘The Sandberg Series 2017’ features 30 one-minute videos by students of Sandberg Instituut and is a mixtape of investigations, statements, experiments, narratives and documentaries by next generation’s visual artists, designers, composers, performers, philosophers and writers. Prepare for: ritual dances, healing feelings, healing landscapes, hypnotising digital surroundings, communication with non-human animals and a manual how to act in a museum.

Enjoy your file, download your life

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Thirty-seven One Minutes
Curated by Studio David Claerbout

‘Enjoy your file, download your life’ is curated by Studio David Claerbout. The title is a switch on “Download your file, Enjoy your life”. Life or file oftentimes in our present perception seems almost undistinguishable. Only a switch of two letters, and one is either on this or the other side of the real or the virtual. The lived or the preserved. The experienced or the watched.
From the vast The One Minutes Collection, Studio David Claerbout made a very subjective choice of thirty-seven videos of different lives, voices, perspectives, imaginations, fun, pain, madness and peace.


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Twelve One Minute Compositions
Curated by Cally Spooner

‘Micro-Composition’ is curated by Cally Spooner. The series consists of 12 One Minute contributions invited by Spooner from writers, musicians, exhibition makers, architects and poets who understand well that, no matter how brief, and how urgently assembled, a composition is a composition because it is a continuous present. A distribution of patience, duration, time-sense and equilibrium; an ‘arrangement made’.

Nightmares Of The Sun

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Thirteen Daily Nightmares
Curated by Khavn

‘Nightmares Of The Sun’ is curated by Khavn and consists of thirteen One Minutes by Filipino, Belgium, British, Indonesian, Korean, Swedish, Swiss and Thai artists and filmmakers. They visualize their daily nightmares. Nightmares of the sun occur when what you fear at night happens during the day. You cannot escape from the sun, no colour, just light and dark. What are the names of the nightmares, which disturb you when you close or open your eyes? From the mythological to the psychological. From the political to the personal. We are all victims of our own fears.


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Thirty-two Radical One Minutes
Curated by Tereza Ruller

MAKE BEING RADICAL AGAIN is curated by Tereza Ruller. Ruller invited artists and designers to escape into reality in virtual worlds. To show the action of performance art, use body as a surface and undergo body experiments. The series consists out of 32 One Minutes and aims to reveal what it means to be human in these uncertain times of organized control and theatrical politics. How is it to be part of a world that is an ever-changing network?

Designing The One Minute

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Thirty-six Design One Minutes
Curated by Yin Aiwen

‘Designing The One Minute’ is curated by Yin Aiwen. She started a design investigation of The One Minutes chronicle 1998-2016. The series consists of 36 One Minutes by designers and artists revealing how technology changes aesthetics, perception and reflection; an experiment where technology becomes poetry.

Promise of Suspense

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Fourteen One Minutes
Curated by Superposition

‘Promise of Suspense’ is curated by Superposition and consists of fourteen One Minutes featuring the same camera techniques. From the vast The One Minutes Collection, Superposition exclusively selected videos that feature a camera zoom. In each video, the zoom is used for different reasons. In some cases the filmmaker wishes to get closer to the object that is being filmed, in others the zoom is used so as to disguise the presence of the camera handler. In all the selected films, the zoom contributes to a feeling of suspense.

ECO VS EGO – Healing Videos

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Nineteen One Minutes
Curated by Pinar&Viola

ECO VS EGO – Healing Videos is curated by Pinar&Viola. The series consists of nineteen one-minute films of invitations to think differently about our influence in the world, creating a stylistic way forward for a world in need of change. Artists, amateurs, friends, lovers and video makers emancipate the concepts around wisdom and awakening, from their old-fashioned new-age associations. Our modern inter-spirituality needs new words, new images and new associations.


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Twenty One Minutes
Curated by Xue Mu

IN.NO.SENSE is curated by Xue Mu and consists of twenty one-minute films by various artists exploring the states in between nothingness and significance.
IN.NO.SENSE is a made-up homonym for the word INNOCENCE, to thwart the confinement of language and its semantic limits. When ‘something does not make sense’, the general interpretation would be there is no logic, it is unclear, or it’s useless. Could there be another interpretation?
Some films represent the artists’ observation on trivial matters with wonderment, some show the processes of contemplation in the micro/macro world, and a few works come along with poetical commentary on the current human conditions - be it subtle, upright or allegorical. With or without intentions altogether the artists conceived an aimless wander in the realm of quiddity, in chaos and order, with an un-preconditioned liveliness.

Nominees The One Minutes Jr. Awards 2016

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Fifteen One Minutes Jr.

Fifteen one-minute films made by youngsters from all over the world were nominated for The One Minutes Jr. Award 2016. The One Minutes Jr. organises about fifteen filmmaking workshops a year around the world. Professional filmmakers teach the basics of filmmaking to a group of youngsters. But even of more importance is that the youngsters gain a tool to express themselves. The result of the workshop is a collection of One Minute films, which give us an exceptional and intimate look into their lives. These stories are honest and unfiltered. Some of them deal with problems in the local country or village, like the circumstances in a school for blind children in Albania. Some of them show a personal dream, like the wish to take care of the family or to become a doctor in order to help others.

World at a Crossroads – Open Call, Wake Up Call

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Thirteen One Minutes
Curated by Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson

World at a Crossroads – Open Call, Wake Up Call is curated by Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson. The series consists of thirteen one-minute films by various artists reflecting on our volatile present and envisioning our future, by merging performance and portrayal and appropriating texts and juxtaposing to still and moving images.

No Humans - No Animals - No Sound

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Fifteen Meditative One Minutes
Curated by Melvin Moti

No Humans - No Animals - No Sound is curated by Melvin Moti. The series consists of fifteen meditative one-minute films by various artists and does not contain humans, animals and sound.

Dark Football

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Eleven Football One Minutes
Curated by Xander Karskens

Dark Football consists of 11 football One Minutes and is curated by Xander Karskens.
During the European Championships 2016, curator and football lover Xander Karskens invited artists and filmmakers, to make their own football One Minute.

The Sandberg Series 2016

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Thirty-six One Minutes
By Sandberg Students

In conjunction with the graduation of students of Sandberg Instituut, The Sandberg Series 2016 features 36 One Minutes by Sandberg Students. Please enjoy a panorama of live mixed frequencies, a guided meditation, an advert for a brand new luxury drone line, the trailer of TSUNAME (Transdimensional Society for Universal Narcissistic and Metaphysical Expansion)!

Colón: ¿Culo o Conquista?

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Twenty-seven Minutes
Curated by Dick Verdult / Dick El Demasiado

Colón: ¿Culo o Conquista? is curated by Dick Verdult / Dick El Demasiado. By way of The One Minutes, Dick Verdult had a message sent to anthropologists, artists and his Latin American followers, inviting them to make short films in the theme of Colón: ¿Culo o Conquista? Colón is the Spanish name for Columbus; the title can be interpreted as Colon: ass or conquest?

Communication with the Non-Human

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Twenty One Minutes
Curated by Melanie Bonajo

Communication with the Non-Human is curated by Melanie Bonajo. The series consists of twenty One Minutes. “What does a plant know? What goes on inside the mind of funny bot? Do PMS dolphins turn into cranky bitches? All around us, complex systems of giving and receiving are performed by rather ancient and marginalized machines like corals, grass, seahorses and even rather primitive creatures, such as dogs and families. Through practical observation, the multifarious communication between humans and non-humans can be viewed as responsive behavior, defined by one designating the future behavior of all. Let’s think over this arrangement for a while. Otherwise we might, in the near future, end up belonging to that misunderstood class, at odds with its environment.”

Healing Tool

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Twenty-Three One Minute Healing Tools
Curated by Shana Moulton

"Take some video and sound. And make a healing tool out of it!"
‘Healing Tool’ is curated by Shana Moulton and consists of twenty-three One Minute Healing Tools from The One Minutes collection and new videos.

Making Hybrids

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Twenty One Minutes
Curated by Janis Rafa

Making Hybrids is curated by Janis Rafa and consists of twenty One Minutes.
Thinking of the finitude that we share with animals, Janis Rafa invited artists and filmmakers to create their visual interpretation of a man-animal combined into a single body.

Nominees The One Minutes Jr. Awards

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Fifteen One Minutes Jr.

‘Nominees The One Minutes Jr. Awards’ consists of fifteen One Minutes made by youngsters from all over the world. Their short, mostly autobiographical films are nominated for the Tommy Award 2015, granted by The One Minutes Jr. The Awards ceremony took place Saturday 28 November at VondelCS in Amsterdam (NL) during IDFA.

Nyau Cinema

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Twenty-two One Minutes
Curated by Samson Kambalu

‘Nyau Cinema’, curated by Samson Kambalu and consists of twenty-two One Minutes using the rules of Nyau Cinema.
‘Nyau Cinema’ is a series of playful site-specific performances, ‘rants’, presented as film clip interventions. Nyau is a Chewa word for ‘excess’.

One Minute Activist!

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Twenty-Four One Minutes
Curated by Nienke Eijsink

‘One Minute Activist!’ is curated by Nienke Eijsink. By way of The One Minutes, filmmaker Nienke Eijsink had a message sent to artist and filmmakers, asking them to use their talent to give their One Minute of fame to someone who needs to be heard or something that they think the world needs to see. Films were submitted to her, from all parts of the world. A six-year-old girl showing her talent to own bread serving as a plea for India to win an Olympic medal in gymnastics and a shelf stocker stripping for higher wages to executives.

Tell me your dream. Make it succinct and make it spectacular.

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Twenty-Four One Minutes
Curated by Claire Hooper and Paul Simon Richards

‘Tell me your dream. Make it succinct and make it spectacular.’ consists of twenty-four One Minute dreams.
By way of The One Minutes, London artists Claire Hooper and Paul Simon Richards asked artists and filmmakers from all over the world to send in their dream, as they wanted to make the ultimate dream sequence.

The Pack – Impressions from Our Family

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Sixteen One Minute family albums
Curated by Felix Burger

‘The Pack – Impressions from Our Family’ is curated by Felix Burger. The series consists of sixteen One Minute family albums.

The Sandberg Series 2015

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Thirty-Two One Minutes
By Sandberg Students

In conjunction with the graduation of students of Sandberg Instituut, this The One Minutes Series features One Minutes by 32 Sandberg Students. Please enjoy the sound of a cascade, a One Minute Selfie, a mother explaining what her son does at art school and stay away of cantaloupe of any kind!

we do the voodoo – a play on continuity and rhythm from one artist to another.

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Ten One Minutes
Initiated by Helen Dowling

Our series of April 2016 is called ‘we do the voodoo – play on continuity and rhythm from one artist to another.’ and is initiated by Helen Dowling. The series consists of ten One Minutes.
Taking the title ‘we do the voodoo’ from the idea of possession and rhythmic entrainment Helen Dowling has initiated a video program that relied upon each artist responding to the previous artist’s one-minute video and nominating the next artist to do the same. Modelled roughly on the Exquisite Corpse drawing game invented by the Surrealists, this is an experiment with the rhythm and contingency between artists and the structure of The One Minutes organisation.


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Eighteen One Minute responses
Collected by Cécile B. Evans

We know there are known knowns. There are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns. But there are also unknown unknowns. A YES SCREAMING NO.
Eighteen One Minute responses are collected by Cécile B. Evans.

But her eyes said that gunshot knew he had a creation, and that was why parrot was wise of bulk

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Fifteen One Minutes
curated by Jens Maier-Rothe

‘But her eyes said that gunshot knew he had a creation, and that was why parrot was wise of bulk’ is selected by Jens Maier-Rothe and is inspired by the wondrous world of spam poetry, automated emails from the chicks with dicks on how we make that extra mega buck from home, ditzy television shows and videos from the local home depot store, brainy quotes and hairy proverbs in our daily mail – in short, all the stuffy decor that clutters our brains and follows us everywhere because it’s deep and sublime, and we know it. Separating wolds from the bushy filigree was a fragmentary orange of ice. Anyone can win the heart of audiences by putting on just the right shades of rosy rails.

بعد الربيع العربي
After the Arab Spring

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Twenty-four One Minutes
curated by Yassine El Idrissi

‘بعد الربيع العربي After the Arab Spring’ is curated by Yassine El Idrissi.
Some say, after the Arab Spring, Arab Winter has come: wide-scale violence and instability. Was radical change worth the costs now paid for the unpredictable results? Or would it have been possible to remain stable and unfree? Stability or Change? Twenty-four One Minutes reflect on the discussion in the Arab world.


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Twenty-One One Minute films
handpicked from the archive

For The One Minutes Series 49, The One Minutes team selected One Minutes from the elaborate collection. There are so many pearls beyond price as the three young coureurs being put to a stop by a vision in 2003 by Nicolas Provost or the film from 2006 by Belgium artist Pavel Dundas, known for his humorous cinematography and short films. He throws around with country music, a chicken filet, and marinade. A recent film is by David Djindjikhachvili, showing a Kyrgyzstan encounter. An almost romantic, dreamlike scenery which volatile moves.


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Twenty One Minute films

Twenty One Minute films pepare you for Blue Monday.

Mega Armageddon Death - Long Version

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Fifteen One Minute films
curated by Nathaniel Mellors

‘Mega Armageddon Death - Long Version’ is curated by Nathaniel Mellors and features Pop Songs, Sound Collage, Noise Manipulation and Sonic Compositions. It consists of 15 One Minutes, collected from The One Minutes collection and new videos.

Videos Without Ideas

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Thirty One Minute films
curated by Erkka Nissinen

‘Videos Without Ideas’ is curated by Erkka Nissinen.
"Sometimes I get ideas when I’m in contact with water". Erkka Nissinen asked artist to make One Minute films without ideas. "Making videos is easy, anyone can do it."
‘Videos Without Ideas’ consists of 30 One Minute videos collected from The One Minute collection and new less-idea videos.

Nothing thicker than a knife’s blade separates happiness from melancholy

Twenty-nine One Minute films
curated by k.i. beyoncé

A selection of twenty-nine One Minute films inspired by historical drama, a film genre in which stories are based upon historical events and famous people.

Deep Blue

Twenty-six One Minute films
curated by Arnar Ásgeirsson

Deep Blue brings the tales of water. We have explored only 5% of the world’s oceans. The undiscovered majority of the ocean has been part of heroic stories; it is a sailors grave and a vikings funeral. What we know about the deep blue and what we use of it can be compared to how we use the Internet, just the tip of the iceberg.
Arnar Ásgeirsson selected One Minutes with an apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic feel to them, almost science fiction, referring to his surroundings in Iceland that, according to Ásgeirsson, often feels like a sci-fi film.

They have come to escort me on the dangerous pathway of the intermediate state

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Twenty-four One Minute films
curated by J&K

J&K/ Janne Schäfer and Kristine Agergaard explore the theme of death and rebirth in connection to the collapse of a system and the aftermath of revolution. Specifically, J&K would like to pose the question of how death or destruction of prevailing structures can be regarded as a state of potentiality that may lead to new creation.

Ways of Something
Episode 2

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Twenty-eight One Minute films
curated by Lorna Mills

‘Ways of Something’ is a contemporary remake of the second episode from John Berger’s BBC documentary, ‘Ways of Seeing’ (1972). The remake consists of one-minute videos by twenty eight web-based artists who commonly work with 3D rendering, GIFs, film remix, webcam performances, and website to describe the cacophonous conditions of artmaking after the internet.

We do not know what it is exactly that you are doing, but does this makes any sense?

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Fifty-Six One Minutes
Curated by Faivovich & Goldberg

‘We do not know what it is exactly that you are doing, but does this make any sense?’ is curated by Buenos Aires based artist duo Faivovich & Goldberg. It is an immersion into The One Minutes collection. Faivovich & Goldberg reviewed 4147 videos from the first ten years (1999-2009), selecting 56 films conceived as a line-up presented exclusively in random mode.

Ways of Something
Episode 1

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Thirty One Minute films
curated by Lorna Mills

‘Ways of Something’ is a contemporary remake of an episode from John Berger’s BBC documentary, ‘Ways of Seeing’ (1972), compiled by Lorna Mills. The thirty-minute video consists of one-minute videos by thirty web-based artists who commonly work with 3D rendering, gifs, film remix, webcam performances, and websites to describe the cacophonous conditions of artmaking after the internet. It is, in effect, art about art about television about the internet.

How To

Twenty-three One Minute films
curated by Hans Aarsman

‘How To’ deals with convenient tips. It is a compilation of short films that teach us something within One Minute. What do you do, for instance, if you have to tie your shoes and have only one hand free? Another film shows a variety of ways to separate an egg yolk: not all of them are very practical. One of the films was made by Hans Aarsman himself. He had an uncle Loek, one of those characters found in every family, who told unforgettable stories. Aarsman’s uncle taught him how to wash his hands in a jiffy when they’re covered in black grease: first rub them with olive oil, then with soap and only after that, rinse them under the faucet.


Twenty-four color One Minutes

Twenty-four color One Minutes allow artists to focus on color and explore its different visual aspects. This selection shows the diversity in the way the artists relate to this theme through One Minute video. This series is produced in collaboration with Sikkens Foundation (NL).


Twenty-four One Minute animations

The One Minutes searches for the state of affairs in cutting-edge animations of One Minute; from narrative to experimental, non-narrative to documentary. Featuring animations by Fons Schiedon, Floris Kaayk and Evelien Lohbeck as well as animations selected from a masterclass at The School of Fine Art and Design|St.Joost in Breda (the Netherlands), films selected from an open call and works from The One Minutes collection.